Six Outlet Power Surge Protector.

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The six outlet power surge protector is white and used, store for indoors only. It has an on and off switch, making turning your Christmas lights on and off simple without unplugging up to six cords. This electrical protector has a 2.5 foot extension cord attached for easy placement near or under a tree. Four keyhole slots in the back make it easy to mount with screws on walls, under cabinets, or on counter tops. It is UL approved for 125 volts AC, has 735 joules of protection, rated to handle up to 15 amps and 1875 watts of current. The circuit breaker is rated at 60Hz with a maximum surge current of 550 Amps and 6000 volts. The surge protector strips nickel-plated plug blades are made for a longer life and better electrical contact. Complete instructions and care are included. Caution: If the circuit breaker trips due to a power overload, unplug and remove the plug or plugs that caused the excess power drain and reset the circuit breaker button. To reduce the risk of electrical shock use the 6 outlet surge protector indoors and in a dry location. Do not overload, do not coil the electrical power cables while in service and makes sure all plugs are fully inserted. Make sure you do not plug more than a total of 1875 watts, the number of watts are not marked on the appliance, multiply ampere rating (on nameplate) by 125 to determine equivalent watts. Inspect the plug in surge protector strip periodically for defects and do not repair or modify the electrical surge protector strip.


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