Three Outlet Grounded Extention Cords.

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The three outlet grounded extension cords are 8 feet long and for indoor-outdoor use with sturdy PVC connectors. This dark green heavy duty vinyl cord allows three cords to be inserted. They have lead free nickel-plated plug blades that give off better electrical contact. It is UL approved for 125 volts AC, rated to handle up to 13 amps and made for a longer life. Complete instructions for this Westinghouse product is included. Caution: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, use and store the 3 power extension cord indoors and in a dry location. Do not overload and this cord is not surge protectors and make sure all plugs are fully inserted. Do not coil the power cables while in service and do not repair or modify the cord. Use the power extension cord unit within the electrical rating marked on the unit. If the number of watts is not marked on the appliance, multiply ampere rating (on nameplate) by 125 to determine equivalent watts. Add determined watts for each plugged-in appliance or lamp (sum of watts on bulbs) to find total watts being used. The electrical extension cords are not for water immersion or for use where directly exposed to water. Inspect the plug in outlet strip periodically for defects.


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