5 Amp Christmas Light Fuses

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  • Set of Two 5 Amp Light Fuses
  • 120-125 Volt fuse
  • For use in C-7 and C-9 Lights
The 5 amp light fuses come in a set of 2 and are used to replace miniature Christmas light sets, 120-125 volt fuse. Before replacing the fuses, make sure you unplug the light strand then start by opening the side panel on the plug by pushing the panel out, over the blades of the plug, exposing the fuse inside. Carefully remove the fuse by prying it out with a small screwdriver and then replace each burned out fuse. Then close the cover by sliding the panel back over the plug until the panel is securely closed, not exposing the fuse and its holder. If the fuse blows again after replacement, an electrical overload or a short circuit condition exists, replace the product.


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