5 Mini Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs

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  • Pack of 5 mini light replacement bulbs
  • Steady burning
  • Rated for USA 2.5 volts, 170 milliamps
  • Fit in most 50-100 mini light sets
  • Long life bulb, cool burning
  • USA-UL approved
This pack of 5 mini Christmas light replacement bulbs are steady burning and rated for USA 2.5 volts, 170 milliamps. Each light bulb is pre-tested and guaranteed to light and will fit in any mini light bulb socket with a 50-100 light sets. The miniature replacement bulbs have a long life bulb, cool burning and are USA-UL approved. Complete instructions on how to replace the bulbs are included. Replacing Mini Light Bulbs: 1. Make sure set is unplugged. 2. Pull the bulb and its base straight out of the socket, if your bulb must be removed from its base, straighten out the wires which are at the base and gently pull on the bulb. 2. Insert the new bulb by guiding each of its two wires into its own opening at the bottom of the base. Then, bend each wire upward over the base. 3. Push bulb and base back into the socket, matching grooves so that the bent wires touch the metal plates in the socket.
The Mini replacement bulbs come in these colors:
  • Clear
  • Multi - 1 Blue bulb, 1 Green bulb, 1 Amber bulb, 1 Red bulb, 1 Purple bulb
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple


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