Automatic Timer Flameless Electric Candles.

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This electric candle automatic timer has a clear flame bulb and when the candle is plugged it has a timer feature that will turn the candle on for 8 hours and then it will turn it off for 16 hours. It will turn this window candle on at the same time every day until it is unplugged. The total height of the candle with the clear flame bulb in it is 9 inches, the gold poly vinyl base and tube is 7 inches tall with a white 60 inch long white cord. The cord plug has a 5 Amp, 125 volt fuse to protect the candle from an electrical overload and is for use with 120V, 60HZ AC only. When storing the candle, carefully remove the product from wherever it is placed, to avoid any undue strain or stress on the product conductors, connections or wires. Store neatly in a cool dry location protected from sunlight and other elements. Complete operating instructions are included.


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