Examples Of Using Holiday Ornaments To Create A Theme

Gathering the family together to decorate the Christmas tree with holiday ornaments is one of the most special times of the season. Buy An Old Fishermen Ornament NowThough most families offer up a rather traditional approach to the decorations, using a smattering of colored balls with either white or multi-colored lights, a growing number of people are experimenting with different types of themed styles instead. These styles can range from hobbies like fishing and hunting, or a style such as Victorian, or they can be even simpler such as using only old-world and silver decorations.

What are some examples of using holiday ornaments to create a theme?

The only limit is your imagination. A number of sites allow people from around the world to share their unique and interesting takes on thematic decorating. Like any creative project, understanding the vision of the decorations is a good first step. Being able to visualize the completed tree is a valuable tool in order to settle on a theme. Maybe an overall feeling of serenity and soft colors is the ticket, or perhaps an alternative angle with bright and bold colors and lights would be better.

  • Christmas Glass Sand Dollar Ornaments Online For SaleRustic Theme – Golds, reds and browns are typically the colors of choice for this type of theme. Emulating the look or iron and wood is a good place to start, so wicker balls and patchwork crosses may be a good fit. Instead of the traditional red and green bows, try using a bit of neutral-colored burlap to fashion into a bow, while larger ones can even work as a great tree topper. Other flourishes such as bells or pinecones will do well to accentuate the theme.
  • Tropical Theme – There aren’t any rules that say a Christmas tree must be covered in snow. Some great holiday ornaments to bring a beach or tropical theme to the Christmas tree are found as abundantly online as sand dollars or sea shells are on the beach. Starfish are also an excellent idea since they can come in many different colors and sizes, such as the all-white slender ones, or the bulkier brown ones. Blues, aquamarines and greens are the colors that really brings the ocean to life. To add a personal touch to the tree, try pouring a small bit of beach sand into the top of some of the transparent ball decorations and add tiny shells or miniature flip flops for added interest.Purchase Blown Glass Angel Ornaments Online
  • Religious Theme – For those that enjoy celebrating the Christian traditions of Christmas, a religious theme is perfect for appreciating both. Try going monochromatic with an all-white theme, or maybe splash in a bit of gold in the decorations chosen. Angels, doves and even white tulips, either fake or real, can help fill up the tree, while lace bows can be combined to create a show-stopping tree topper. Crosses are another favorite, and some subtle garland placement can help to tie everything together.

The possibilities for themed holiday ornaments on Christmas trees are only limited by the imagination. Celebrating the season doesn’t always mean you have to stick to the same old look, so why not try something new next Christmas?

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