Using Icicle Lights To Decorate A Home During The Holidays

Icicle lights can add wonderment to a home’s exterior during the holidays. However, there are also some creative uses for these strands inside the home. Clear LED Christmas Icicle Lights With White CordsPeople have become so drawn to this kind of illumination that they have created pages and pages of DIY opportunities for them.

In regards to using icicle lights on a home’s exterior, they can be installed using shingle-gutter clips. Typically sold in mass quantity, these clips attach onto the roof’s shingles or the eave’s gutter. These clips help keep the strands stay neat and tidy and eliminate the use of a staple gun or nails, which can be hazardous if the wiring were to be exposed, and can also cause damage to the home. A basic strand comes in white with numerous mini bulbs hanging from extended cords of various lengths. Three sets can be connected to cover most, if not all, of a home’s front exterior. They are also made so that if one bulb burns out, the rest will remain lit. Another popular form of icicle lights comes with LED bulbs. These are common to find in strands of ten icicles and range in various lengths. They also have the ability to connect several sets together. Most people use these lights to frame the exterior of their home. However, some other places to use them are along the fence, banister, railings, awnings, and in the trees. If the home has a gazebo, these strands can add a magical touch if used inside the ceiling. An arbor that has vines covering it can be set aglow with this illumination being added to it as well, and these are just a few examples of how this lighting can be used outside, during the holidays and year-round.

When it comes to this illumination being used inside the home, the possibilities abound. They can be placed inside mason jars to give the appearance of captured fireflies. They can go inside of a bowl with pinecones or decorative ornaments. People also use them to act as a backdrop for their headboards, or to appear as raindrops falling from painted clouds.

Icicle lights can also be used for special events. They add a dramatic backdrop to sheer fabric hung from the ceiling, or strung around the underneath of a table skirted with tulle. More often, they are being used as one of the primary lighting pieces. They are strung in bunches around a circular frame and then hung from the ceiling. Sometimes they are concealed by tulle or sheer fabric, or with other embellishments. It creates quite a vivid and romantic look.

So when it comes to this type of illumination, the options for usage extend far beyond the holiday season. And they are readily accessible with online Christmas websites selling them year-round.

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