Indoor or Outdoor Red Velvet Large Bows

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  • Case of 6 bows
  • Large red velvet bow
  • 13 inches wide
  • 26 inches long
  • 19 inches streamers
  • Wire edges
  • Ties for hanging included
The red velvet big bows have six loops and are ready to hang. They come is cases of six. These red velvet pre-made big bows are 13 inches wide and 26 inches long. The bows are made with premium quality wire edged velvet ribbon. The bows streamers are 19 inches long. These decorative ribbon bows can be used both indoors and outdoor. The velvet ribbon bow is 4 inches wide. The wire edges will help you shape your bows and it will hold it in place. The will make a wonderful accent to any Christmas wreaths. For hanging the large designer bows there are two 5 inch twisty ties and also a double 9 inch flexible plastic string.
We Recommend that you shape the bows before hanging it. Each of the six loops should be rounded. Pull the top loop upwards and the bottom loop downwards making a rounded bow. Then round the center loop that hides the tying wires. To make the streamers wavy gently bend the wire edges up and down on one side.


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