Why Are LED Christmas Lights The Top Holiday Illumination Option?

Many companies are using LED Christmas lights in their displays, and homeowners have taken notice to their versatility as well. LED Christmas lights really started in the commercial industry. Multi Color C7 Christmas LED Lights 50 Foot Long Light SetBusinesses are always looking for ways in which to trim excess from their budget, and changing their holiday bulbs was one such way to do so. Large, commercial displays are often on throughout the daytime and nighttime hours. This can drastically affect a company’s utility budget as well as drain energy resources. With the use of these modern bulbs, energy efficiency is much greater and the lifespan is extended. A win-win for any business.

As technology has advanced, LED Christmas lights have made their way into the residential market. It has been a slow transition due to the radiant output, but much of that has changed in recent years. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to advertise the longevity of their bulbs in relation to the traditional strands as well as highlight their coloration and saturation. These bulbs are brighter and can have more intensity, they use at least a third less energy, and have at least ten times the longevity. Some people would argue that the cost is prohibitive in comparison to traditional strands. However, it doesn’t take too much searching to find some average statistics. On average, LED Christmas lights will remain completely lit for over 4,000 hours of runtime. As with traditional strands a consumer is lucky to go two seasons without having to replace a single bulb. Most seasons are met with replacing multiple bulbs on a traditional strand or replacing the entire stand.Clear Icicle LED Christmas Lights With White Cords So, it goes without saying that manufacturers have done a good job with conveying these messages to consumers because the purchase of these continues to rise and is expected to do so in the future.

Among other advancements has been within the battery-operated realm. Battery operated lighting has had its obstacles. However, with LED’s efficiency, they are able to emanate brightness while preserving battery life. This equates to a better product and consumers are taking notice. They are quickly replacing their old, traditional battery operated illumination sources with these strands and are pleased with the results. Crafters have been using these in a variety of creations including wreaths, tabletop trees, clear glass blocks, and various crafty centerpieces.

Beyond cost efficiency and longevity, what are some other reasons people are turning to this illumination option?

Some would say it is their brightness. The color range that LEDs have is unprecedented. They are bright and vibrant and maintain their brilliance throughout their lifespan.

Manufacturers of holiday items continue to use LED Christmas lights in more of their items. Some strands are also rated for outside use and are used in outdoor displays. It may be a snowman, reindeer, Santa and his sled, snowflakes or icicles hung along the eave of a home’s exterior. These bulbs are in high-demand for the outdoors. Beyond outdoor items, these are being used on pre-lit Christmas trees, wreaths, swags, garlands, centerpieces and more.

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