Common Questions About Finding Nativity Sets For Sale

Beyond a Christmas tree, one of the most common decorations in homes is nativity sets. Finding one for sale is a great way to add the true meaning of Christmas to a home. 9 Piece Nativity Figure Stable Complete SetMany families have more than one set, and people will often collect them as they travel the globe. Nativity sets can be found for sale both online and in stores. They typically go on discount before the holiday season and get a deeper discount shortly after the holidays are over. However, for online Christmas retailers, they will often discount them throughout the year.

What is the best way to find nativity sets for sale?

The best place to shop for a nativity scene is online. The selection is broader than any brick and mortar can offer, and the quality is just as good. Return policies are typically pretty liberal for most companies, so there should be no hesitation to buying one online.

Are nativity sets for sale online different than those found in a store?

No. Both online and in-store items can be the same. The only differences would be the selection, meaning there is more of a variety online, and there are additional pieces available for purchase. Many times a collection will be sold in-store with only the basic pieces, and if the purchaser wants additional items, they will have to buy them on the web.

What are basic pieces of nativity sets for sale?

A core set will have Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Sometimes Mary is holding Jesus in her arms. Other collections will have Jesus in a manger with hay. Another variation will have them in a stable as part of the primary purchase.

What are some common additions to the collection?

A stable or building of some kind is typically the first purchase after the initial one, if it is not already part of the original set. Other characters or items would be the Star of Bethlehem, an angel, shepherd, and the three Magi, or wise men. Livestock is also very common; sheep for the shepherd, camels for the magi, a donkey for Mary and Joseph, and other animals to fill the stable. In addition to these can be other buildings, plant life and trees, and other characters to help build the town of Bethlehem even further.

What materials are used in making these collections?

Some of the more common materials are plaster, plastic, metal, wood, and ceramic. Many manufacturers use a combination of materials for added interest. The bodies may be made of wood or plaster, but many will feature fabric for the clothing and other fibers for hair.

Is it easy to find a nativity collection online?

Yes. A quick search online will return literally thousands of scenes from which to choose. It will all come down to what the individual is looking for. A few things to consider before purchasing is where the scene will be displayed. There needs to be enough room if it is an ornate collection with a dozen or more pieces. Also for consideration is the height. If it will be displayed on a shelf, then take into consideration the tallest piece of the collection, which is often the stable or star.

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