20 Inch Holy Family Set.

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This 3 piece Holy Family set is part of the Fontanini masterpiece collection. This 20 Inch scale figure set includes baby Jesus who is made of a flexible polymer, Mary and Joseph who are made of a marble based resin. Also included is a manger that is made of resin and covered with green moss. Mary is kneeling in a coral colored gown. An antique teal blue shawl with a white lining is draped over her shoulders. She is wearing a white mantle on her head. She is holding a white blanket in her left hand. The baby Jesus is lying in the manger with his hand outstretched toward the heavens. The baby can be removed from the manger until Christmas Eve is so desired. Joseph is the tallest figure standing 20 inches tall. He is holding a lantern in his left hand. He is wearing a carnation pink tunic. An antique brown shawl with a white lining is draped over his left shoulder. His shoulder length brown hair matches his beard. The family is made of flexible polymer that resistant to breaking or chipping. They are hand painted with great detail in Italy.


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