Fontanini 70 Inch Masterpiece Collection Holy Family Set.

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The 70 inch life sized Holy Family set is a new set from master sculptor Elio Simonetti who has created this set out of a marble based resin that is less likely to break or chip. Jesus is removable from the manger so he can be placed back in his crib Christmas Eve. The manger has a brown wood like frame covered with straw with a cream colored blanket with gold trim over it. He has his arms outstretched with a blanket partly covering him. Mary kneels before her new born son and is wearing an antiqued red gown with gold trim around the cuffs and neck. She has a gold belt tied around her waist. On her head is a long blue shawl with a white lining that hand's below her shoulders. Joseph is standing and is wearing an antiqued coral pink tunic with gold cuffs. He has a gold belt around his waist. Over his shoulders is a sepia colored cape with a white lining. He has on sandals. He holds a staff in his left hand. All these figures are antiqued for a distinctive carved wood look.


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