Holographic Holy Family Nativity Yard Decor

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  • 48 inches tall
  • Jesus
  • Mother Mary
  • Joseph
  • 200 mini lights
  • Transparent mylar material
This holographic holy family nativity yard decor is 48 inches tall and are individually wired so you can place them as you like. The set comes with Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus have mylar material that helps reflect the light at night and is outlined with 200 mini lights. They are supported in any yard by two metal support sticks that each have two side sticks that go into the ground. The figurine's can also be hung from two metal wire loops at the top of each head. Complete assemble and care instructions are included. Mother Mary is wearing a red top, long blue skirt and has a white shawl draped over her head. Her hand's are crossed over her chest as she looks softly down upon her new baby, kneeling before him. Joseph is wearing a maroon gown with a white cape around him as he lea's on his brown staff, looking down. Baby Jesus lies in a golden straw manger.


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