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Sparkling Flying Moose Door Ornaments.

This hanging door ornaments are about 12 inches long and from the top of the wire down is about 11 inches high.

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$9.87 $12.99
Save 24.02%

Mini Penguins and clear Glass Balls.

The is a set of 10 mini Penguins and clear glass balls that are about 1.5 inches in diameter. This mini Penguins come on a tree shaped storage card.

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$11.25 $15.00
Save 25.00%

Magnificent Peacock Ornaments.

The magnificent Peacock is 10 inches long including their gorgeous Peacock Feather tail. These Exotic Peacock will clip onto any branch of your tree.

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$27.37 $33.00
Save 17.06%

Springtime Collectible Bird Ornaments.

This Springtime Collectible bird ornaments are 6 inches long from the tip of the beak to the end of the spun glass tail and will clip onto any branch of your tree.

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$16.87 $21.00
Save 19.67%

German Glass Butterfly Ornament.

Our German glass Butterfly is 2 inches long, including the gold star crown and hangs from your tree by a gold cord hanging loop.

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$12.53 $15.00
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Buzzin Around pink Bumble Bee Ornaments.

These 1 inch Bumble Bee is pale pink with fuchsia stripes and buggy eyes. The cute smiling bumble bee glass Christmas ornaments belly is brown.

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$7.86 $10.00
Save 21.40%

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