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Clear Acrylic Dangling Icicle Ornaments

These icicle clear ornaments are 8.75 inches long and made up of clear acrylic nuggets.

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$5.19 $6.25
Save 16.96%

Clear Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments

The 6.5 inch snowflake ornament is made up of a bunch of clear acrylic beads bunched together and hang by a silver loop.

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$4.29 $5.49
Save 21.86%

Glittery Silver Snowflake Ornaments

The 4.5 inch 3D silver snowflake ornaments will glisten on your Christmas tree and hang by a thin silver loop.

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$3.29 $3.95
Save 16.71%

Plastic Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

These 3D glitter snowflake ornaments are 4.5 inches around and the points of snowflake come out from the center look like sun rays.

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$3.29 $4.19
Save 21.48%

Christmas Icicle Ornaments.

These Christmas icicle ornaments are 8.75 inches long. The beaded icicle ornament is clear acrylic and made up of clear acrylic nuggets.

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$5.19 $6.25
Save 16.96%

Crystal faceted Ridged Tear drop Christmas Ornaments.

Our crystal faceted tear drop Christmas ornaments are 5.5 inches long. These clear Christmas ornaments are made out of clear beads that look like crystal.

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$5.36 $6.45
Save 16.90%

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