24 Anti Tarnish Tissue Paper Sheets.

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  • 24 white sheets
  • 24 by 36 inch sheets
  • Museum quality
  • Acid free tissue paper
  • anti-tarnish tissue
  • 12 pound weight thickness
This 24 pack of white tissue paper is Museum quality and is a 12 pound thickness. The anti-tarnish paper is 24 inches by 36 inches. We recommend that you use it to wrap all your Christmas ornaments. The tissue is abrasion resistant and is a specialty crafted paper. It is used when finishes are to be preserved for long periods of time. Make sure any paper you buy is clearly marked "acid free tissue paper". If it is not marked so it will still have traces of acid left in it from the manufacturing process. This acid free papers may be a little more expensive because of the additional cost of manufacturing but well worth it since it will help keep your delicate ornaments in great condition from through out the years.


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