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How to Link to Us.

Link exchanges are one of the best ways to increase your web sites page rank (importance) in search engines, it increase visitors to your site, increases viewer hits and interest in your site. 
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Just copy and paste the following information to your site. For maximum power one or more of these key words Christmas, Gifts, Decorations or related key word should be the topic of your home page.

Name of Our Site: We Be Christmas.

Our URL:

Site Descriptions: (Pick one)

#1 Unique Christmas history, trivia and jokes. A wonderful selection of Christmas decorations and gift ideas.

#2 Learn unique Christmas history, traditions, jokes, and trivia. The history of Santa Claus, Nativity sets, decorations, angels, Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, gift ideas, and much more.

#3 Learn unique Christmas history on, Santa Claus, The Nativity, Angels, German Glass Ornaments, Nutcrackers, Wreaths and Garlands. Information on Christmas Lights and buying artificial trees. Jokes, Trivia, Poems and Gift ideas. You can even write Santa a letter and track his progress on Christmas eve. What Fun!

#4 Learn unique Christmas history on, Santa Claus, The Nativity, Nutcrackers, Angels, German Glass Ornaments, Wreaths and Garlands. Things you need to know about Christmas Lights and buying an artificial Christmas tree. Christmas Jokes, Trivia, and Poems for Christmas fun. A wonderful selection of Christmas decorations and gift ideas. An easy to us and navigate web site with no banner ads or clutter. You can write Santa a letter and Santa will write back to you. Even track Santa’s progress on Christmas eve. What a Fun site to visit.

Thank you for the link.
Related Reciprocal Link.

If you have a related web site and would like to have a home page to home page text reciprocal link, please add the above link information to your home page links. Please no image links or link pages hidden by image links etc.. Text links only that will be read by the search engines. Thanks!

Then email me your link information and which one of the above categories you would like your link placed.  You will be able to view your link from your chosen category page. Please ensure that your link to us is active and uploaded before you submit your link to us. We require that your link is uploaded before we accept the reciprocal link exchange. We will link back to you as soon as we verify your link to us.
Inter-page Linking. (New) 

If you would be interested in exchanging even a better and stronger link possibility than a home page link. Google and other search engines now allow web sites to use “inter-page linking” like you did with just your home page before. The inter-page text linking is read by Google and other search engines. The most powerful link to date! Great improvement!! Spreads your links out, increase the inter-page ranking, and makes your site much more powerful. Just find a page on your web site that relates to one of my pages and we will add a reciprocal text link into the copy of the page. It is easy to do. E-mail me back if you want to do an inter-page link.

Happy Webbing!

Joe Willmeth
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