Creative & Easy Ways To Use Rope Lighting Year Round

Rope lighting has become a popular illumination product over the years. At first, many people weren’t quite sure how to use this kind of lighting since they were only familiar with traditional illumination. However, as time has marched on and more people have used rope lighting, more ideas are coming to light on how to use them.

What are some common ways to use rope lighting during the holidays?

These are not uncommon to see in Christmas trees from time to time, and can be used to create quite an interesting effect. More often they are seen on a home’s exterior. They do an excellent job of highlighting a home’s frame, wrapping the windows, scrolling across the banister or handrails, and even spiraling up a tall tree’s trunk. They are also used to frame large decorative cutouts and mimic the layout of a pond or other body of water that illuminated polar bears or dancing penguins might be enjoying.

With the holidays covered, how is this product used throughout the rest of the year?

The yard, both front and back are seeing this form of illumination in high demand, and maybe in some ways, people may not have even thought about. One of those unique ways is by warming seedlings. Rope lighting does not emit an amount of heat to be considered a fire hazard, but it can radiate enough heat to warm newly planted seeds to just the right temperature. Used in conjunction with some wood and slats and it will emit just enough warmth to help the new seeds take root.

Some other creative ways to use this illumination in the front yard are:

  • A lighted barrier between a walkway and planting area
  • Framing in a planting area
  • Wrapped around the base of a large tree
  • Highlighting a walkway or steps
  • Frame around the perimeter of the yard

Other ways to utilize this illumination in the back yard are:

  • Bordering the patio
  • Illuminating an arbor, gazebo, or overhang
  • Running up the pole of an umbrella and hanging it around the edges to light a table
  • Creatively illuminate the border of the pool or spa
  • Highlight large or small flower beds
  • Make sphere lights and hang them from the patio awning or large tree branches

More ways to utilize this illumination on-the-go is on a pop-up trailer, camper or RV
. This adds just enough ambient illumination to the outdoor living space when it frames in the awning. Another use is outlining the perimeter of the campsite. And the great thing about this type of lighting is that it isn’t so bright that it would annoy nearby campers.

Inside the home, this type of illumination can be used to brighten up a dark area in the kitchen, like under the cabinets. It can also be used along the tops of the cabinets if there is a large space between the cabinet top and the ceiling. It has found several uses to highlight a headboard of a bed and backlight a picture or art piece. Rope lighting itself can be art when used to write words or phrases on the wall. There are so many creative and unique ways to use this product that it never has to be relegated to the holiday season again.

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