Four Places To Use Snowman Decorations

Snowman decorations are whimsical and offer and easy way to spruce up the Christmas holiday. There are many places where one can showcase a few—or a lot—of these frosty fellows. This article looks at four different locations where one might place snowmen, and serves as a great place to start when a need for a seasonal brainstorming session strikes.

Outdoor Placement

When people think of snowmen, they usually picture them outside. They are fixtures of the wintry landscape, and no Christmas celebration is complete without one on the front porch or in the yard.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be cold out—an artificial snowman can be placed outside in any kind of weather, making them perfect for any home from Texas to Maine. They are favorites making for a particularly humorous contrast during the warmer regions. For extra pizazz, some models even light up. When it comes to snowman decorations, let whimsy be the guide!

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Light up Winter Nights

Seasonal lights are a festive way to invoke the winter spirit, while providing some much needed light for the darkest time of year. Whether choosing a blow-up Frosty that lights up, or running lights in various shapes, either can be perfect for a glowing display of chilly cheer. For those that like a little bit of everything in their Christmas scenes, try a variation of options for added interest and depth.

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On the Mantle

A clever grouping of snowmen make for fine companions above a roaring fire. They can also be placed on the hearth (at a safe distance from the fire, of course) or on the floor in front of the hearth. Popular options include a number of styles that can fit any décor, from rustic to classic, there truly is something to match any personal style.

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Ornaments on the Tree

The Christmas tree is typically the centerpiece for many Christmas celebrations. Often adorned with family memories and sentimental ornaments, the Christmas tree is a fantastic place to amplify the seasonal theme with snowman decorations. Whether they are chubby and cheerful, or slender and stoic, these snowy ornaments can bring a bit of the outdoors inside to be enjoyed by all.

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Winter only comes but once a year—and especially for those in northern climates—the darkest nights of the year are also the coldest. And while snowman decorations usually symbolize all that is beloved and dear about winter and the cold, they’re sure to bring a warm smile to the faces of those that love the season.

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