What Are The 4 Most Popular Types Of String Lights?

String lights are one of the most traditional Christmas decorations around. They are versatile and can be used in many different types of displays, both inside and outside. And while these decorations are used around the Christmas holiday, they are also used rather often in other settings. Some designers use them for everyday use or for seasonal applications such as in a garden. No matter how they are used, they are a perfect way to bring a feature to life.

So Many Options to Choose From!

String lights don’t just come in one or two options. There are so many things to consider when shopping for them, and that includes: length, the type of bulb preferred, the shape, color, and any special effects that might be desired. Choosing the best product depends on how the item will be used.

  • Buy 50 Miniature Christmas Light Bulb Sets With Green Wire Traditional String Lights Now, OnlineTraditional – The “traditional” Minis is a slim strand with small bulbs attached, which come in various shapes and sizes. This product is normally intended for easy bending and flexibility, such as wrapping around a Christmas tree or reaching into corners without hassle. This product is generally battery operated and comes with a count of 50 to 100 bulbs. The incandescent bulbs generally last around two seasons before needing to be replaced. Some stores will use the term “mini” interchangeably with “fairy” but those two types of products will produce a dramatically different result.
  • Fairy – Fairy string lights, also called micro and mistakenly referred to as minis, are tiny LEDs that are attached to an extremely slender wire. This product is great for many magical designs. They can be put into a jar to create a lamp, draped over a bed canopy, or used as accent illumination for the dining room or bathroom. This product, like the traditional one, is also very flexible.
  • Purchase Multi Colored Led Battery Operated Globe String Lights OnlineGlobe – The two main things that make these products different is the type of strand or the type of bulb. Globe products, also known by other names including Cafe, Patio, or Edison, consist of large bulbs in various shapes. Some, look like a smaller version of a regular bulb, while others are more round or irregular. This product is generally used outside because they are much larger and lend more of a glow and interest to a larger space. With the right design, they can be used inside without making the room look overwhelming.
  • Rope – Rope, or tube lights are very different from string lights. This product features bulbs that are inside a clear tube, instead of dangling from a wire. This product is not nearly as flexible as traditional or fairy strands. Because of this, the rope makes a perfect border for inside or outside a house.

These options are only just the beginning of choices designers can make when decorating for Christmas, or any other time of the year. String lights are very versatile and can be used in many different applications. Some unique examples include:

  • Creating artwork by poking holes in a canvas and feeding the wire through. Use battery powered bulbs in order to hide the wire and watch the artwork come to life!
  • Create a chandelier of bulbs in many different designs by wrapping the wire around a ball or creating other shapes.
  • Write a word on a wall with the lights for a something simple and modern. Put the strands anywhere, whether around a tree trunk, around a table, on the mantel or wrapped around the banister, the possibilities are close to endless!

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