Unique Christmas Wall Decor Ideas For A Small Space

Christmas wall decor can be a great addition to any entryway, hallway, empty space in the kitchen, guest room, restroom, or any small space that would typically go without any decoration. Some people’s living spaces are small in size, so they are limited in what they can display during the holiday season. Adding something to the walls is a unique way to add holiday cheer.

This form of decoration has become increasingly popular, gracing the pages of trendy magazines and blogs. Due to this trend, they have become readily available at local home retail stores and websites. An idea when using this holiday trimming is to remove an already existing picture and replace it with a holiday version. Maybe even rearrange an existing picture collage and add in some Christmas prints.

What are some examples of Christmas wall decor?

There are many options to choose from on the internet. It may be reusable wall decals, paintings, framed pictures, or repurposed wood featuring a holiday scene. Paintings or pictures may be of wintery scenes that are appropriate for all of the winter months, so there is no rush to take it down after Christmas is over. Repurposed wood is typically painted, or vinyl lettering is applied. Reusable decals run the gamut from sayings, poems, lines from famous movies, to pictures or scenes. Unlike items that are hung on the wall, these are placed directly on it and can range in size, color, and shape. Some popular options are family holiday rules in the shape of a Christmas tree, or holiday scenes featuring snowmen and Santa. Other sought after options are various forms of the nativity, or simply words like Joy or Noel.