Creative Ideas For Using Christmas Lights In Outdoor Areas

Buy 140 Spectacular Twinkling and Chasing Christmas Light Outdoor Set with Green WiresUsing Christmas lights in outdoor areas can be a great way to explore creative ideas for decorating. Whether the look is traditional or out-of-the-box, there are a multitude of different ways in which to decorate the house, driveway and yard. With some simple planning and foresight, one can easily get the house ready for the holiday celebrations without a bunch of needless work or stress.

Using trees, bushes, or pillars to hold the strands is always a good bet on achieving an elegant and arranged look. Instead of using a single color or multi-colored strands, try interlacing two separate color strands on trees or pillars to get a candy cane striped effect. The same could be done with bushes, or to add a bit of flair, try wrapping bushes in a checkerboard or striped pattern in order to make them pop. Garland can definitely be used to spruce up any standard strand of bulbs, such as lining the outline of the front door or hanging across the fence or gates.

150 Clear Ribbon Christmas Light and Tree Wrap Outdoor Set OnlineUsing Christmas lights in outdoor places doesn’t mean it has to follow a certain design standard. For those interested in a unique look, allow the strands to follow a wavy path throughout the tree, rather than hugging the branches. Spirals and other patterns can be created this way as well, and it doesn’t take any additional labor. If the house has a front porch or an overhang of any kind, let the strands hang from the roofline to the grass in a vertical pattern. If multiple strands are used, a sort of wall of bulbs effect can be created and is sure to attract any onlookers.