Surprising Ways You Can Use Rope Lighting Year Round

What are some ways to use rope lighting throughout the year? With creative blogs a plenty, the ideas are seemingly endless. They can be used in very conventional ways, but they are also finding themselves outside the box, so to speak. One such way is as a seedling warmer. These lights emit enough warmth to help a seedling grow roots so that it will be ready for planting. Even though this lighting typically is used as ambient illumination or to highlight an area, they are also taking center stage when wrapped as a sphere and hung from the ceiling, patio, or large tree branches.

What are other ways in which rope lighting is finding its usefulness?

  • Highlighting walkways and stairs
  • Wrapping the perimeter of a patio or grass area
  • Illuminating flower boxes or flower beds
  • Wrapped around the trunk and branches of a tree
  • Used as illumination on an awning, arbor or gazebo
  • Create ambient lighting for a spa and pool area

During the holidays, they are often seen wrapping a tree, framing the house and its windows, or used to highlight a large cutout. Their outdoor usage can continue in illuminating a banister and handrail of the porch or entry, as well as adding light to potted plants.

Creative interior uses are acting as a backlight for artwork and headboards, as well as being art itself. This illumination can be used to write words or names, and then mounted on the wall either by using wire or wood, whichever would give the desired artistic effect.