Ways To Decorate Your Home With Snowflake Ornaments

Purchase Iridescent Glitter Snowflake Ornaments OnlineSnowflake ornaments are seen both inside and outside of the home, in store front windows, and displays galore throughout the holiday season. They are the epitome of winter and a classic piece of any wonderland scenescape. They haven’t always held such a place in Christmas decorations, but they have been sought after for centuries. The first time a snow crystal, as they are commonly called, was written about, was in 135 B.C. by Han Yin, a Chinese scholar. Each snowflake is as individual as a human fingerprint in that no two are exactly alike. There is, in fact, a study of snow crystals with over 35 identified types that have been classified. However, the ones that are typically snowflake ornaments are classified as Stellar Dendrites and Fernlike Stellar Dendrites. These are the six-point variety that most of us recognize.

Glitter Snowflake Ornaments OnlineThese beautiful reminders of winter are commonly made out of materials like plaster, pewter, various metals, fabric, and even twine. They can be simple, or adorned with beads, faux pearls, faux semi-precious stones, and glitter. Because of their variety, they can be used in conjunction with any kind of holiday décor; whether it is a log cabin style, shabby chic, vintage or themed. They also come in different sizes, and large ones can dress up the home’s exterior along the eaves, railing, and hung from the trees. Inside the house, smaller versions can be placed on the Christmas tree, garland, and in centerpieces. Larger ones can also be used inside the home by placing them on the fireside hearth or hung from the center of a large mirror.