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6 Inch Christmas Tree Extension Pole

This 6" extension pole will make your Artificial Christmas Tree 1/2 foot taller.

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$18.50 $23.13
Save 20.02%

Artificial Rotating Christmas Tree Stand.

These 24 inch diameter leg base rotating Christmas tree stand can hold up to a 1.25 Inch diameter artificial Christmas tree trunk.

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$79.21 $95.00
Save 16.62%

Artificial Tree Extension Pole

This dark green tree extension pole will make your artificial Christmas tree 1 foot taller. 

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$21.62 $27.49
Save 21.35%

Curly Hair Angel Tree Topper

$54.98 $68.79
Save 20.08%

Gold Animated Angel Tree

The 12 inch animated angel has white wings with gold glitter on the ends and light up by fiber optics.

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$68.71 $87.99
Save 21.91%

Lighted Silver Christmas Angels

Our silver Christmas Angels are 12 inches tall. She has gorgeous white feathered wings covered with Fiber Optic light filaments that shine through the wings.

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$40.51 $48.86
Save 17.09%

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