Best Christmas Tree Stand Artificial

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  • Simply unfold the stand
  • 21 inch leg span
  • For 4 to 6.5 feet tall
  • For 1.25 inch diameter pole
  • Heavy duty metal
  • Black finish
The best Christmas tree stand artificial have a 21 inch leg span and ideal to hold artificial trees between 4 to 6.5 feet tall with a 1.25 inch diameter tree pole. These black, metal stand's require no assembly and are heavy duty, lasting tea's to come. To protect the stand, place a piece of cloth underneath if placed on a hard surface or place on a carpeted floor. Dragging these stand's can cause the paint to chip. To use, simply unfold the stand, placing the wing screw into the only hole provided, place it far enough to prevent it from folding again. Be sure the screw is not in the hole until that tree is already placed into the holder, making it clear of obstruction. For best results, make sure the artificial tree is all the way against one side and then tighten the screw as far as it can go. Continue to check the screw after you set the tree up, to see if it has loosened. Complete instructions are included. Tree Stand Dimensions: height = 6.5 in (1in - above ground, 5.5 in - pole length); diameter = 21in; width of Wide legs = 4.5in - 1in; width of slim legs = 3in - 1in; diameter of pole (needed) = 1.25in.


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