Clear Poly Vinyl Christmas Tree Storage Bags

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  • Covers up to 9 feet trees
  • 110 inches tall
  • 60 inches wide
  • 3 mil clear poly vinyl
These clear large poly vinyl tree storage bag's will cover a tree up to 9 feet tall. They measure approximately 110 inches tall and 60 inches wide when laying flat. 

Storing Your Artificial Tree:
To store your artificial tree in these bags, cut a 2 inch center hole between the plea's of the sealed end. Start from the top(open end) and open to its fullest outstretched size, scrunching the sides of the bag down until they meet the sealed end of the bag. Place the tree in its stand before inserting the tree into the hole you cut earlier. Cover it by placing your tree skirt around base to cover the tree bag. When the holidays, simply pull it over your artificial tree, tie it at the top and it is now ready to be stored until next year. They will protect your tree while it is in storage.

They are also perfect to use to dispose of your live tree. We recommend you buying two bag's if your tree is taller then 9 feet. The heavy duty bag's will save yourself a headache by helping to keep the needles from flocking all over your floors, making a huge mess for you to clean up. They are made of a thick 3 mil clear poly vinyl.

For live tree disposal: Before setting up your live tree, cut a hole in the center of the bag, the size of the tree trunk between the plea's of the sealed end. Then starting at the top of the tree bag (open end) and open the bag to its fullest outstretched size, scrunch the sides of the bag down until it meets the sealed end of the bag. Insert the tree trunk into the newly cut hole and place the tree into its tree stand. Carefully and neatly tuck the removal bag around the tree stand, making sure that there is an opening for watering the tree.

When the holiday's are over and all your decorations and lights removed from the tree, simply pull the tree disposal bag up and over your tree. Tie the bag's at the top and now your tree is now ready to be moved to its disposal location.


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