Live Christmas Tree Disposal Bags.

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These live tree storage bag's are perfect for trees up to 8.5 feet tall and can be reused year after year. They are made of a custom shaped tear resistant poly vinyl and measure 42 inches at the top, 92 inches at the bottom and is 124 inches long. The tree bag's are must have to keep the tree needles off your floors and out of your carpet. To secure the green bags, there are two wide red heavy duty woven nylon strap's used to tie up the sides. The bag also has two wide red heavy duty woven nylon draw cords at each end to help keep the needles contained. No more back breaking clean up trying to get rid of those pesky needles. It will also prevent getting tree sap or scratches on the walls and floors. Instructions are included. For disposal of live trees, spread the tree bag out flat, as close to the Christmas tree as possible. Place the tree in the center and pull the side edges up and over the tree. Match up and tie the nylon ties with a shoe-string-type knot and tighten the draw cords at each end, tying hem with a shoe string type knot as well. The tree is now ready to be removed. When the tree is at its disposal location, you can untie the bag, remove the tree and reuse it again next season. Say YES to no more MESS!


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