Using A Tree Skirt Can Be The Perfect Christmas Centerpiece

One of the major Christmas decorations that people invest in is a tree skirt. The material that graces the bottom of this holiday centerpiece is often the first item that comes out with the tree. Red Tree Skirt with Decorative Ornament AppliquesMost people find value in purchasing a quality tree skirt since it is out for all to see before being covered with presents. They can be the perfect accent for a themed evergreen and come in a variety of styles and fabrics. There are dozens of skirts to choose from, making it a certainty that there is one out there for every taste.

The tradition of using fabric beneath the evergreen started almost as far back as bringing evergreens into the home. Christmas trees were once decorated with candles. And even though they couldn’t remain lit for long periods of time, they would drip wax onto the branches and floor below. So people would place mats or pieces of fabric to catch the wax, sap, and pine needles to make it easy for cleanup. Even though most people no longer use candles to light their tree, the use of the skirt has remained a tradition. However, they have gone from thin pieces of boring cotton or burlap to ornate adornments to be admired. That is a far cry from the decoration’s humble beginnings.

Does a tree skirt only come in one shape?

Not anymore. The round shape has been the traditional form for decades, but there are also other forms from which to choose. There are square patterns, triangular patterns, octagonal, and a star, just to name a few. The style will help maintain the consistency of the overall look. Even among the shape of the skirt, there are also variations on the edging, whether it is scalloped, frayed, or neatly hemmed.

What types of fabric are typically used for a tree skirt?

For a long time, satin or felt was the fabric of choice, but even that has evolved over time. Now they can be found in a variety of materials like burlap, velvet, cotton, or polyester based, sometimes featuring lace, ribbons, yarn or a compilation of multiple materials as accents.

What are some interesting variations one might find when looking for a tree skirt?

There are dozens of varieties to choose from. They can be simple, like red material with a white border that mimics Santa’s suit, or something very delicate like lace and satin with appliques of ribbon and beads. There are skirts that have nativity scenes or winter wonderland scenes on them as well. Have a themed tree with snowmen on it? Complete the look by dressing the bottom with snowmen embroidered on a blue background. The layered look has also made its way into this decoration. It may be layers of cotton fabric ruffled along the edges or interchanging burlap and lace for a shabby chic feel. Some people have taken to just using silver, sheer, or gold metallic fabric, wrapping the base as well. This gives a very simple yet elegant look to the room.

When it’s time to deck the halls, be sure to give the Christmas tree in the room the attention it is due by dressing the base in something that is complimentary to the surrounding decorations.

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