Ways White Christmas Decorations Can Be Added Around A Home

White Christmas decorations seem to be on-trend recently. Some say it is for their simplicity, and others say it is for their elegance, yet others say it is for their ability to blend cohesively with other décor. Glacial Fir Artificial Flocked White Christmas Trees With Pine ConesWhatever way one perceives it to be, white Christmas decorations are making their way into all kinds of uses. More commonly, they are used as a backdrop for other items. As flocked trees are rising in popularity, even white artificial trees are making a comeback from their humble beginnings. Do-it-yourself websites and popular mainstream blogs are all adding to this frenzy, posting pictures of what people are doing with this seasonal ornamentation.

So how can someone add white Christmas decorations to their current scheme? One fast way is with their tree. It may be wrapping the base of the tree in white or using ribbons on the branches. Even offsetting it all in silver can give it the desired effect. An opaque garland can help with this palette as well. Using ornaments that are pale in appearance are a nice accent too, and of course, using clear lights toWhite Hairy Decorative Holiday Ribbon set the tree aglow finishes off the look.

Other ways one can implement white Christmas decorations is on the mantle. It may be bleached pinecones, silver bells, whitewashed pine sprigs with silver or gold berries. Santas that are dressed head to toe in natural colors, as well as reindeers that are made from light colored wood, plaster or ceramic, can add just the right amount of natural elements in the holiday adornments.

9 ft x 20" Crystal White Christmas Garland DecorationsFor someone just wanting to add the appearance of snow do their display can do so by adding faux snow to their tree, mantle or table setting. Some billowing snow beneath a decorative tree, or used in the centerpiece on the dining room table or end table can be just the right amount of opaque background to help other decorations stand out. Along the mantle, one can tuck some snow onto the green garland branches for the desired effect. It pairs well with stockings hung by the fire, blanched trees, apothecary jars filled with winter scenes, and clear lights. Speaking of stockings, this is another way to incorporate white Christmas decorations into what someone already has.

7.5 ft Crystal White Fir Artificial Christmas TreeAs for completely white trees, there are some unique and funny ways in which people are using them in their holiday décor. Some are dressing it up as a snowman with a black top hat on top, a red scarf, and branches from the tree in their front yard for arms. Add in some dark ornaments for buttons and eyes and the unique look is finished off. Now, that may not be suitable for everyone, so here are some other ways that people are using this type of tree. It acts as a perfect backdrop for ornaments and ribbons of bold colors. Bright red, green and blue continue to be the accent colors of choice even in terms of lighting, so when these are paired with a pale tree, the colors really pop and become quite the conversation piece. It also compliments adornments that are the same pale color, giving the tree a true winter wonderland feel.

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