The Ballet Nutcracker Prince

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  • 16 inches tall
  • Made of wood
  • Nutcracker Ballet
  • Prince nutcracker
  • Great gift
The nutcracker prince stands 16 inches tall, including his red with gold trim round base. His outfit consists of a blue jacket with white pants, tall black boots and velveteen cape that is wrapped around his shoulders. The front of his jacket has gold horizontal lines with red jewels at the end. His gold belt also has the same red jewels. He has a red plush cape with white trim is draped over his shoulders. There is a gold design on this white pants and boots. The wooden figurine is ready for battle holding a long silver and gold sword in his right hand. Gold, red and green jewels decorate the front of his sword. His royal blue top hat has a golden top and black bill. There is a golden star with a red feather above it and clear jewels on the front. It also has a black brim and gold chain hanging down the center.


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