Unique Hollywood Nutcrackers for Christmas

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$65.53 $82.99
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  • 18 inches tall
  • Made of wood
  • Collectors item
  • Kurt Adler
  • Hollywood Collection
The unique Hollywood nutcrackers for Christmas are 18 inches tall, including his glittery round double layered base. The first layer is white and the second layer is gold, both are glittery. These striking soldiers are wearing a fashionable cream feathery kepi style hat with a glittery gold brim. His jacket is glittery cream with glittery silver cuffs, epaulets, collar and belt. He has a copper colored chain hanging from each side of his belt from two antique gold buttons. His trousers silver colored and he is also wearing glittery tall bronze boots with silver cuff. He is holding a white scepter with glittery bronze and silver topper l in his right hand. They have brown down feathers for his hair with white glittery eyebrows and mustache. This wooden figure is part of the Kurt Adler Hollywood Collection.


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