Creative Ways To Use Wreaths During The Holidays

Wreaths are one of the most popular holiday decorations due to their versatility. No longer are they being displayed just on the front door or back door. 36 inch Prelit Crystal White Fir Wreath These decorations have found unique ways to be incorporated into existing décor, as well as making a statement all on their own. And thanks to the many decorating blogs and websites on the internet, these ideas are spreading quickly.

What are some unusual and interesting ways to use wreaths during the holidays?

In the kitchen, people are using them in several ways. They are hanging them from the top cupboards using a large ribbon. From a pantry door, one could suspend three of equal size, equally spacing them from a coordinating piece of fabric. The dining room table can also use this adornment. Using a wreath as the centerpiece with a hurricane lamp is a great idea. Add a pack of battery powered lights to add even more interest. These holiday favorites can also frame out a simple, circular kitchen clock.

In the bedroom, these decorations are being used to dress up the headboard or footboard of the bed. If there is a large mirror in the room, then hang a decoration that would complement the size of the mirror from the top center. If the mirror is on the smaller side, an appropriately sized decoration could be used to frame it up.

48 inch Pre Lighted Princess Pine Mixed Needle Large WreathFor tablescapes, use smaller wreaths to run down the middle of the table. They can be simple with an elegant candle as the focal point, or they can be just as ornate as the candle. They can have other items inside the center of them as well. Some people place a bird’s nest or figurines of various styles in the center, or stack them on stackable cake stands for a unique look.

In the entry way, a popular use is taking three wreaths in graduating sizes and standing them upright to make a snowman. Whether they are supported by a pole of some kind or hung from a door, tie them together with ribbon, twine, or a complimentary pine sprig, tie a scarf around its neck and add a hat to complete the look. Or keep it simple and use a solid colored ribbon for the scarf.

It is easy to see why this decoration continues to grow in popularity as more people create unique ways in which to display them.

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