How Did The Xmas Stocking Become A Holiday Staple In Homes?

A Xmas stocking is a staple in most homes. Various fables or stories tell why they are such an integral part of the Christmas tradition. 19” Fashionable Red Velvet Xmas Stocking With Ornament DetailsThe most commonly told story is of a nobleman that had three daughters. From there, details vary, but here is one form of the story. This nobleman’s wife had died, and his three daughters were of marrying age. To support his family, he spent all he had on various business ventures. Alas, none of them were a success, and they had to sell all they had and moved to town. A man, many would call Saint Nicholas, was walking the streets of this town and heard of this man’s plight. So, that night, after the girls had washed their stockings and hung them by the fire to dry, Saint Nicholas shimmied down the chimney and dropped bags of gold in their stockings. Come morning, the girls find these bags of gold, the nobleman is relieved because he has a dowry to give with his daughters in marriage, and the rest, they say, is history. Some versions say that it is actually a ball of gold which is supposedly why people will put an orange in a Xmas stocking.

The origin of the Xmas stocking is uncertain, but most people believe that it either came from the Netherlands or Germany, and those settlers brought them to America. They became part of the Christmas tradition back in the early 1800s. There was a brief stint where the Christmas tree temporarily eclipsed their popularity, but that didn’t last long.

Now, there are all kinds of stockings available, and for all types of people, and even cats and dogs. Popular options include Baby’s First Christmas. These are typically blue or pink and come in either a satin fabric with a decorative cuff, or in a felt fabric with appliques. There are others with lovely decorative ornaments embroidered with embellishments. A 60-inch Santa-suit red sock will be big enough for virtually every gift, including the ones under the tree.

This Christmas, whether it is gold coins, an orange, tchotchkes, or candy, let’s just hope the socks hung by the fire aren’t filled with coal.

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