Things To Consider Before Buying Xmas Wreaths

Like their holiday decor counterparts, Xmas wreaths have become an essential symbol of Christmas both inside and outside of many homes and businesses. While they are deeply rooted in history, their festive appearance continues to be symbolic today and comes in many sizes and styles. Xmas Wreaths Can Be Found In A Variety Of OptionsFrom the 24″ Unlit Vienna Twig Wreath to the 72″ prelit Princess Pine, there is a wide range of looks to meet every placement location.

The Etruscans of 700 B.C are said to have utilized these circular pieces of greenery as crowns. The Roman and Greek empires gave them a boost in popularity with their representation of their Gods such as Zeus and Apollo. The material the wreaths were constructed of was directly tied to a sacred figure. In modern times, they have found their way on doors and over mantels to symbolize such things as the circle of life, encouragement to hang in there during brutally cold winters, or simply to be a vibrant and welcoming decor piece on any wall or door.

With such a large array of dimensions and styles to choose from it is important to establish a number of factors before making such an investment.

  • Location: Will it be used inside or out? On an exterior door or interior wall? This is significant because those that are made for outdoor use are constructed of materials designed to withstand the elements.
  • Dimensions: With sizes ranging from inches to multiple feet it is imperative to verify the location size and what will be most attractive. Whether over the fireplace or on the side of a building, it should be proportionate to the space and visually appealing.
  • Material: Natural Xmas wreaths are frequently made up from branches of fir, pine, or cedar trees to name a few. Some are simply constructed of a mixture of boughs for added color, diversity, and texture. Artificial pieces on the other hand can be found in a number of materials including plastic foliage, fabric, berries, tinsel, flocking, and ornaments. The length of use may determine the material utilized to ensure it is enjoyed as long as it is hung. When artificial materials are chosen they can easily be stored in a bag or container designed specifically to protect it from becoming crushed or discolored while in storage.
  • Lighting: There are unlit and pre-lit varieties. Some may prefer the more natural look of the unlit style, while others may like the added flare of the pre-lit version. The latter typically uses a battery pack placed conveniently out of site. They are available in varieties such as mini bulbs, LED, or Fiber Optic, and colored or white.

Xmas wreaths can be festive or meaningful, as well as an expression of personal style. Historical symbolism can even be represented. Whether hung seasonally or left up for daily enjoyment throughout the year, Xmas wreaths can be a perfect addition to any decor.

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